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Picture1            Joene Denning Bone

Credentials and Badges

Forty-five years (eeks! that long?) experience in just about everything that life can throw at you!  The toughest tests of my grit and professional savvy were the long care of my parents, who died ten days apart from each other! Believe me, if you can keep your wits and command your way through such staggering experiences, you also can sharpen the crucial tools needed to help lots of other folks, too! Yes, I’ve got all kinds of diplomas, credentials and professional experience in alternative health care, business, education and the arts.  I am also an author, and I frequently lecture on energy dynamics and healing. Yet, these mean nothing unless they are used in service of the art of healing and of those in pain.


To introduce you to genuine pain relief. To find Pain fix-it tools for you, so you don't have to.



My proprietary dig-down discovery tools (root cause of illness), that integrates with my innovative Energy Logic of Healing framework.

Driving Passion

To relieve pain. To work with people, who want to get better. To find tools and strategies that nurture individual creativity and trigger healing.

Lessons Learnt

Be willing to heal.
Never give up!
There's always a way to succeed!
There is no excuse for not trying.
Spare no effort to find the answer - dig-down!
Humanize the face of pain always.
Service is imperative.
Customers are people, too.
Civility counts.
Love rules everything.
Do what you love.
Seek harmony.
Train yourself to see beauty.
We have all been touched by terminal illness and hardship.
Be compassionate.
Don't turn your back on your gifts.
Life is about coming to consciousness.
Creativity is life.
Prayer is vital.
Don't forget peak times, especially when you're low.
Laughter is a great healer.
A well made ravioli is a slice of heaven.
A well sung opera is the other part of heaven!
Cook for the people you love!
There is no place like San Francisco. (sorry Dorothy and Toto!)



Speak Truth to Pain provides the latest information on Fibromyalgia and chronic pain relief available on the internet. We curate information from a vast resource base of recent date material.  If we publish information older than that, it is because it is among the best authoritative information available on the internet. 


We affiliate with several online product providers, and derive a commission from advertising and sales. There no costs whatsoever to the viewer for the use of this website.  These providers are vetted and chosen specifically for their quality, professionalism, and cutting edge healing contributions to the field of Fibromyalgia and chronic pain relief.


We rely on the long experience of our Healing Strategist and Mentor, Joene Denning Bone, author and energy healing expert, for suggestions and guidance of our website’s content.


Joe, San Francisco

“I have been working with Joene both personally and professionally for more than four years, and highly recommend her services. Joene is an incredible healer and has been able to provide insight and solutions where others have fallen short. I can’t thank Joene enough for her help over the years. Her advice has been invaluable both personally and professionally.”

Anu, India

 “Joene taught me that there is no one way to heal. Each person must discover a healing path and pace that works just for them. So grateful Joene supported me while I figured it out!”

Jonathan, New York

“I speak from the experience of being in a deep rut, emotionally and spiritually. Joene explained a perspective that cast a bright light on shadows, and this was beyond my mental understanding. It lifted me beyond hurt.”

Shelia, Canada

“I had a lot of pain in my back and legs and Joene talked me through how to deal with it, but I also found the pain to be gone after sessions with her.”

Marcia, Spokane

“I had tried everything to get rid of the pain. Looking for relief was as exhausting as coping with the fibro itself.  Joene had the information and strategies that were my lifesavers!  She stuck with me.  Finally, I have a path to wellness”

James, Los Angeles

“Joene opened my eyes to knowledge that I discovered as being mine already. She moved me from feeling hopeless to feeling I had all the tools within me for total health as she brought me to hugely reduced pain.”

Joene’s ebook, Success Power, culminates decades-long study and experience. The book is loaded with the tactics needed to jump over your personal Chasm of Doubts and Cannots, and into your real-life Success. Yet, these fundamentals can only take you so far. You need something more – your honest willingness to Succeed! With a little diligence, determination and Success Power’s help, you will achieve your dream via a process that has helped hundreds of people throughout the world.