“The most effective way to reduce spinal cord inflammation.” ~ Dr. Ginevra Liptan

Dr. Liptan came to specialize in fibromyalgia after coming down with the disease in medical school. She employs an integrative approach to the disease which includes, as she says in the interview, “anything” that has data behind it. She’s been studying the disease for 20 years, frequently blogs, and is the author of a well-received book called The FibroManual: A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and Your Doctor . Some people don’t feel comfortable looking outside the basket of approved therapies for a disease, but there’s good reason some people with FM might want to do so. A 2013 study following over 3,000 FM patients found little change in pain, fatigue and quality of life scores over 11 years. A 2015 review concluded that lack of efficacy and/or side effects would cause most patients to probably stop taking FM drugs . Several blogs ( Three Letters You Need to Know if Have Fibromyalgia: LDN , Combine Opiate and Opiate Blocker for Less Fibromyalgia Pain , an audio interview on LDN radio, and […]

Dr. Bernard Bihari is generally considered the father of LDN.  You can read more about him here:  http://snip.ly/y9j3g