Cleaning House, the Fibro Way







My house was a disaster. I used to clean the entire place every Friday night. With my husband working the graveyard shift, it was the perfect time — until we bought a house over twice the size. One bathroom became three. An unfinished basement became a finished lower level with a bar and family room. I loved the new house — until I had to clean it. Shortly after we moved in, my fibro went into beast mode. In a three-month period, I was laid off, my mom passed away, and my grieving, alcoholic father needed my help with his finances and to get him off the sauce. Not easy tasks, especially during the flare of a lifetime. My husband was wonderful. He asked only that I keep up on laundry, dishes, and the cat litter. But I still found even these three simple requests hard to manage. I was embarrassed by how messy and dirty my house had become. If someone stopped by unexpectedly, I couldn’t let them inside! I needed to make cleaning my house easier. To accomplish that, I had to look at what the biggest issues were that I could change. Since I can’t change […]