Biopsychosocial Rehab Approach May Ease Intense CNS Pain

ORLANDO — Central sensitization improved with treatment in an interdisciplinary chronic pain rehabilitation program, according to a preliminary analysis presented here.

In a retrospective analysis of 49 patients treated at the Cleveland Clinic’s multidisciplinary pain program, pain scores as measured by the Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI) improved significantly after patients went through the program (mean 54.7 to 40.5, P <0.05), reported Xavier Jimenez, MD , of the Cleveland Clinic, and colleagues. “Their scores went from pain experienced in untreated fibromyalgia to that of a low back pain population,” Jimenez said during a presentation at the American Academy of Pain Medicine meeting. “Keep in mind that these findings are preliminary, in patients with a lot of comorbidities, and it’s very messy given the selection bias. The sickest of the sick come to our clinic. As promising as this is, it may be as good as it gets. But it seems like a positive first finding.” Central sensitization involves abnormal and intense enhancement of pain in the central nervous system, and is characterized by hyperalgesia and allodynia. It’s involved in many conditions, including fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, migraines, and chronic low back pain, Jimenez explained. The CSI is a new scale developed […]