To experience health benefits from probiotic supplementation, it’s important to understand which attributes make a probiotic effective.

Before determining which probiotics, the source, and the amounts, it is important to determine the intention of using such an intervention. Probiotics are often used for general health or as a means to restore normal function after an insult to one’s health. Further, probiotics can be used for specific and targeted support given an individual’s health status. Starting with why or with the end in mind can narrow down the vast selection process that must take place next. Probiotics can be consumed in supplemental form and by eating fermented foods, which naturally contain live cultures. Some research has shown that probiotics must contain a minimum of 10 million colony forming units (CFU) per gram at the time of consumption to provide the associated health benefits.* 1,2 Since probiotics are complex microorganisms that are sensitive to heat, light, moisture, and acidic environments, proper processing and storage of the probiotics are key to ensure their survival. 2,3 Stability The quantity and strains of a probiotic don’t matter if they are not stable. A good manufacturer will have testing on file and can verify that […]