How to Ask Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana

If you are considering medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for your chronic pain or other medical issues, you might be uncomfortable about approaching your doctor.

There are so many stories circulating about patients being judged by their doctor or being labeled a “drug seeker” if they ask about marijuana, that many have chosen not to engage in a conversation they really wish to have. So, what can you do to make this as comfortable as possible? First, take the time to understand your state’s medical marijuana law. Over half the states have now legalized medical marijuana, but the rules are different for doctors and patients in each state. Click here to see a summary of medical marijuana laws in all 28 states and Washington DC. Here in Rhode Island, residents can approach any doctor — not only in Rhode Island — but in the adjacent states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. If you have no success with the doctors that treat you, then we have a few locations in Rhode Island that you can turn to. These specialty doctors evaluate your medical issues and can sign you on. The one negative for using these facilities is that there is […]