Fibromyalgia: The 48-Hour Recovery Period in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Have you ever noticed it takes you a couple of days to recover from a stressful event or over exertion?
A 48-hour recovery period is one of the few consistent features of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome . We don’t yet know why we need 2 days to recover from … well, just about anything, but a lot of chronic fatigue syndrome research is focusing on post-exertional malaise — the intensified fatigue and flare of other symptoms following exercise. Several research groups have identified genetic and blood abnormalities following exercise. What we do know about this recovery period is that we’re stuck with it. For me, it means taking it really easy for a couple days after anything big — a holiday, a vacation, or an unexpected stressful event. I first learned about this issue about 8 or 9 months into fibromyalgia. I was still working as a TV news producer, which means I was running a live show at the end of every workday. That’s a stressful event even on the calmest of days, and days were rarely calm. I knew my symptoms got worse throughout the work-week and then improved markedly by Sunday evening, but […]