Self-Talk Can Help Your Walk With Fibromyalgia


How are you at practicing positive “self-talk?”

I know this topic will be difficult for some, and perhaps impossible for others. But what we say to ourselves really impacts our attitude toward ourselves, our circumstances and how our days develop. Think of words that would help you feel safe, supported, encouraged. Write down those words. Now, use those words to think about what you might say to your best friend. Then, again using the same words and phrases, think what you could say to yourself. For example if you used the word “loved,” you could say “I am loved,” or “I am lovable,” or “I am worthy of receiving love.” Be kind to yourself. You are an amazing person, wonderfully made, strong and persevering. Don’t give in to the temptation of putting yourself down or saying negative things about yourself. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel choosing positive self-talk over negative self-talk. Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. In the same way that you would extend kindness and compassion to a friend, extend it to yourself. There are enough negative words spoken to us; let’s not repeat those to ourselves. I don’t […]


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