wood figure illustrating pain

Find Relief of Severe and Chronic Pain.

Dr Shapira has been improving Quality of Life for patients for over 35 years and he utilizes the amazing SPG Block featured in the book “MIRACLES ON PARK AVENUE”. There is a very special medical office nested on the border of Highland Park and Lake Forest dedicated to improving the quality of life in patients afflicted with chronic head and neck pain, migraines and TMJ disorders. Even more important is that many problems cn be prevented by early intervention including TMJ, sleep Apnea, Snoring, and ADHD. There is a youtube channel with over 100 patient testimonials of patients with pain and sleep disorders of patients treated by Dr Shapira. Some of these patients were totally disabled from severe pain, another was told her case was hopeless by Mayo Clinic and yet another had 9 years of Fibromyalgia pain melt away.

Dr Shapira has had an unusual career for a dentist. He did research as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Rush Medical from 1985 until 1991. This occurred because he sought help for his son who was held back from kindergarten and diagnosed as […]