Chronic Christmas: Surviving the Holidays with a Chronic Illness

Whether we like it or not, the holidays are here!

As the big day approaches, so do all of the “shoulds” associated with the season. We should deck out our house with decorations in every room. We should make everything from scratch for our holiday meal. We should go to all of our friends’ holiday parties. We should go to the mall and spend hours seeking out the perfect gifts. We should . We should . We should . But as author Lene Andersen reminds us in her new book, “Chronic Christmas: Surviving the Holidays with a Chronic Illness,” what we really need to do is to stop “shoulding” ourselves and get real about our lives and limitations. Living with chronic illness changes pretty much everything, including how we celebrate the holidays. As someone who struggles with the “shoulds,” I was thrilled to run across Andersen’s book, which she describes as “an Advent calendar full of self-care tips to help people with chronic illness savor the holiday season as never before.” I thought we could all use a little self-care this holiday season, so I asked Andersen if she’d be willing to talk about her new book and share […]


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