Lady Gaga talks PTSD

November 30, 2016 in Paris, France.






Lady Gaga is famous for her music, but she’s also beloved by her fans for her honesty and kindness.

Gaga exhibited both on a recent visit to a shelter for homeless LGBT youth, where she revealed her battle with PTSD. And that’s not her only health concern: Lady Gaga also just opened up about her previously secret struggle with chronic pain. Known as an activist as well as a soaring superstar singer, Gaga emphasizes kindness above all, sharing that through acts of kindness , she finds peace, reported MSN . “I’ve been searching for ways to help myself. And I found that kindness is the best way.” Visiting Harlem’s Ali Forney Center to provide a surprise for the homeless LGBT teens there, Lady Gaga shared that she had never revealed her PTSD struggles until she met with the youth. Lady Gaga reveals her battle with PTSD. [Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images] “I told the kids today, ‘I suffer from PTSD.’ I’ve never told anyone that before,” she admitted. “But the kindness that’s shown to me by doctors as well as my family, and my friends, it’s really saved my life.” Lady Gaga guided the teenagers through a short meditation […]