Lady Gaga Shares Tips for Fighting Chronic Pain

In a recent post on Instagram, Lady Gaga opened up about her chronic pain.
This led to many of her followers sharing their own stories with her. In response to those comments and really the reaction to her sharing her own story, Lady Gaga once more returned to Instagram in order to share some of the tips and tricks she has picked up over the years in her fight against her own chronic pain. Lady Gaga shares her own tips for dealing with chronic pain According to a report from Entertainment Weekly , inspired by the people who reached out to her, the singer posted a picture of one of her own treatments, which saw her in an infrared sauna. The sauna treatment even made her list of suggested tips to combat the persistent pain a person deals with. Along with the picture of her own treatment against chronic pain, Lady Gaga shared some of her own tips that she uses to feel better. Of course, she did recommend speaking to a professional as every person is different and will handle things like pain and treatments differently. Among her ideas for combatting chronic pain, the first one the […]