Speak Truth to Pain Suggested Reading List


The Painful Truth by Lynn Webster, MD

Pain specialist Dr. Lynn Webster shares the inspirational stories of patients struggling with chronic pain, and examines how society views pain, the benefits and risks of opioid prescriptions, the important role of caregivers, and how patients can have fulfilling lives even in the worst pain situations. The Painful Truth offers a path toward awareness, hope and healing. Award-winning health journalist Judy Foreman spoke with doctors, scientists, policy makers and patients for her sweeping account of the chronic pain crisis in America. She looks at possible solutions — such as better pain education in medical schools — and the misguided demonization of prescription opioids and the patients who need them.

The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit by Beth Darnall, PhD

Pain psychologist Beth Darnall offers ten simple steps to relieve pain without the use of opioids, including ways to “quiet” pain through meditation and stress reduction. The book includes an innovative 20-minute CD that uses binaural sound technology to help listeners relax and “deamplify” pain signals. The Pain Companion by Sarah Anne Shockley PNN Columnist Sarah Anne Shockley examines how chronic […]