Quell wearable pain relief
Donna Gregory Burch
Since my fibromyalgia diagnosis, I’ve tried so many drugs, supplements and other products in an attempt to find something to dull the pain. I’ve found a few things that help , but the effects are usually minimal. Even opioids haven’t worked for me, although I admit my experience with them has been limited. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to try out the Quell wearable pain relief device . You may have seen the commercials for Quell on TV or had an ad show up in your Facebook feed. Quell is a small, rectangular device that’s worn an inch or two below the knee. It simulates a cluster of sensory nerve fibers in that area and triggers the body’s natural pain blockers. Unlike TENS units, I do not have to apply the device to the area of the body where I’m feeling pain. Quell is used for the relief of nerve, arthritic/joint, leg/foot, lower back and widespread pain. In a recent clinical study, which included fibromyalgia patients, 81 percent reported an improvement in chronic pain and 67 percent were able to reduce their medications. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on doctors and products that […]