chronic pain

Chronic pain patients, like my wife, myself and others with abominable mistreatment, continue to lose the care they need while nothing is being done to address the real issues. Drug abuse is up, young people are dying and the main culprits aren’t prescription drugs, but something much more difficult to control. Heroin and illicit fentanyl, major causes of the increasing deaths, are becoming more widely available and, unfortunately, both of them are opioids. The media routinely spouts about these “opioid deaths” while implying that prescription pain medication is what caused healthy people to take these illegal drugs. Why? Because they say so, that’s why. As with the recent 60 Minutes nonsense, they embellish the death of some high school quarterback, have a room full of grieving parents who say they had no idea their kids were drug addicts, add the fear that this can happen to you, and we the patients get to bear the brunt of this misdirected insanity. The CDC addictionologist lobby and other federal agencies seem to have hoodwinked everyone into blaming chronic pain patients for this national problem. This is obvious and evident from countless stories of patient abuse […]

By Richard Oberg, MD, Guest Columnist